Club News 

COVID-19 didn't stop Probus Warrawee.  We had an active program whereby most activities could be held, although they were on Zoom where appropriate. Currently we are returning to "normal" and looking forward to meeting face to face with our fellow members and their partners. 

2 July - Walk 14 Members participated in the Lane Cove River walk

18 June - Photography group

We had our first non zoom meeting: taking photos at Brooklyn, but before commencing  it was so good to have a coffee together catching up.

9 June- Outing

Tim Cope took us with his horses and dog from Mongolia to Hungary. What an adventure, most of us only dream about. He was able to import the dog into Australia

June - Geast Speaker

Andrew Rodgers on his dive to the TITANIC

22 May - "Guest" speaker Chris Russel

demonstrating an "invention" from a past ABC TV show he used to host

16 June - Computer Group 
The meeting was held on zoom & went well.

30 April Luncheons - Zoom

We had a "Lock Down Lunch" together. While looking forward to the day we can meet face to face, this was a lovely initiative

26 May - Wine & Cheese  - Jess Greatwich Joined the W & C group from the Barossa Valley with a inspiring talk and explanation on the region and her own winery: "Krondorf Creek Winery" . For more details visit: 

She closed her talk with:

"Life is for living - Wine is for drinking"

28 April - Book Club on ZOOM

Had a well attended meeting with 16 members sharing their reading over this home bound period

Due to COVID-19, all  face to face club activities had been suspended. We are now returning to "NORMAL" 





4 March  - Cinema evening

with dinner at SPN & B&B

COFFEE SOCIETY - Morning Thursday 13 February

Another great "Coffee Club" get together 

NONAGENARIAN" day out - Tuesday 22 November

A very pleasant and enjoyable lunch was held with our senior members  at the Royal Motor Yacht Club in Newport.

Adventure - Outing - Kayaking.

Photo competitions

2019 Photo competition

To see this year's winners and 2019 entries as well as the winners since 2016 click here

13 March - Autumn Lunch

A well attended lunch this was. We were antertained by the special guest, Peter Kirkwood who talked about the history, making and playing of the Didgeridoo.

This happened to be the last time we could meet face to face before the social distances rules came in.

2019 Christmas dinner in the Killara Golf Club.

A very successful evening was held, attended by some 100 members and their partners.

Short tour 6 - 9 November

Dubbo Zoofari - A great time was held by all