Recent Events 

COVID-19 hasn't stopped Probus Warrawee. 

We are on to the "new normal" with many activities  

April Outing to Penrith Museum of Printing

12 in attendance were captivated by the history and technology.

"Nomad" movie and dinner evening - March

March - Photography discussion

Quarantine station

March - Guest Speaker

Robert Plant

The Hawkei Protected Mobility Vehicle

November Kyaking lunch at Narrabeen Boathouse

2020 Outings by Zoom

Geoff Fitzhardinge collated the instructions for  the six virtual outings he presented this year, and the resulting document, attached, will be of interest to all. Click here.

Last for 2020 - Tuesday 15 December  

Wine & Cheese 

6th April Fox Valley walk  

Things started to go downhill??

March - Culture outing

We had a most enjoyable and entertaining afternoon in the Glen Street Theatre

25 August - Book Club hybrid meet  

Wouldn't want to meet them on a dark night.

October Luncheon

27 people attended the Sandstone Café in Terrey Hills. An excellent menu and outstanding company.

September Coffee Club

An enjoyable occasion with many members and partners at Lady Davidson Gate No 1 Cafe





2019 Christmas dinner in the Killara Golf Club.

A very successful evening was held, attended by some 100 members and their partners.

NONAGENARIAN" day out - November 2019

A very pleasant and enjoyable lunch was held with our senior members  at the Royal Motor Yacht Club in Newport.

Short tour November 2019

Dubbo Zoofari - A great time was held by all

Photo competitions

2019 Photo competition

To see winners since 2016 click here

2020 competition cancelled due to Covid