Club News 

COVID-19 hasn't stopped Probus Warrawee.  We have an active program whereby many activities are conducted on Zoom; or in person where appropriate under careful Covid protocols. 

20 October - Book Club.

The thoughtful 13 in attendance.

 October - Photography group

David had some fun at the Bicentennial Park October meet producing this video. See link below.

October - Walk. Discovering the hidden treasures in Windsor with18 participants followed by lunch in the pub or at the river.

2020 ZOOM  outings

Geoff Fitzhardinge collected the instructions for  the six virtual outings he presented this year, and the resulting document, attached, will be of interest to all. Click here.

Tuesday 7 July - Wine & Cheese  - The first post CORONA-19 face to face tasting, and it was a blind tasting.

It was a great success.

Archibald 2020

11 art connoisseurs including Roger out of picture.

A fantastic critique by our Gallery guide Les.

30 September Cinema evening - We returned to Roseville Cinema after 6 months forced closure, due to Covid-19, followed by dinner at SPN

September Guest Speaker

Wendy Swinburn

September Coffee Club

An enjoyable occasion with many members and partners at Lady Davidson Gate No 1 Cafe

                  5 August Luncheons - Zoom

We had another "Lock Down Lunch".  As well as food and drinks, the conversation was lively and centred on cars we have owned and number plates.

Due to COVID-19, some  face to face club activities had been suspended, but we are back in business with most of our activities  





NONAGENARIAN" day out - Tuesday 22 November

A very pleasant and enjoyable lunch was held with our senior members  at the Royal Motor Yacht Club in Newport.

Adventure - Outing - Kayaking.

Photo competitions

2019 Photo competition

To see this year's winners and 2019 entries as well as the winners since 2016 click here

2019 Christmas dinner in the Killara Golf Club.

A very successful evening was held, attended by some 100 members and their partners.

Short tour 6 - 9 November

Dubbo Zoofari - A great time was held by all