2021 People's choice


G3 Boardwalk to Water


G6 From here to Eternity


G7 Give me a Kiss

G16 .jpg

G16 Surf's up


G19 Tiles in The Rocks


G21 Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle - it’s Bob Cooper & Warrawee Probus come to visit us at Dubbo Zoo


P1 A fistful of dollars at the Reserve Bank


P5 Eyes front


P7 Having Fun in the Background


P8 Just one more shot


P12 Weaving his web


P14 Where to from Here

G8 .jpg

G8 History

2019 People's choice

1. Aland Gay - Doubtful Sound Aquanauts.

1 - Alan and Gay - Doubtful Sound Aquanauts

3.  Blown away at Muogamarra.JPG

3 - Blown Away at Muogamarra

5. Perfect pink.jpg

5 - Perfect Pink

7. Ladies table at the  Coffee Society.j

7 - Ladies table at the "Coffee Society"

10. Afternoon Sunlight Goat Island.JPG

10 - Afternoon sunlight "Goat Island"

12. happy and smiling.JPG
2.  Warm as toast.jpg

2 - Warm as toast

4. 2 ducks.jpg

4 - 2 Ducks

6. The Mysty mist.JPG

6 - The Mystic Mist

8.  Bill both gives and receives enlight

8 - Bill both gives and receives enlightenment

in the Mitchell Library

9.  Gotcha!.jpg

9 - Gotcha

11.  'Who is the most beautiful' the spi

11 - Who is the most beautiful? The spider (Grevilliea) said to the eye

12 - Happy and smiling

13 Here's lookin' at you.JPG

13 - Here's looking' at you

14. Bulging bricks.jpg

14 - Bulging Bricks